Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brush Teeth

For the few of you who read this blog, so sorry I've been slacking! Anyway, this afternoon it was just Ridge-a-roo & me. Unfortunately, he did not take a long nap so we were buddy, buddy all morning. He was such a servant and very concerned about his mommy today (not sure why). I told him I was going to take a shower and for him to be good. He replied, "okay mommy, I will." That's usually a sign that he will get into mischief, but I took my chances.

He immediately came in concerned that the water might be too cold. I told him it was fine. Then he left and came back with my water bottle. Mommy, you thirsty?? Of course, I couldn't take it at the time, so I said, "no thank you." Then he said, "Mommy need kiss?" Of course, I always need those, but again, I wasn't exactly in the place to be able to receive one. So I had to say, "no thank you." He left defeated.

A little later he came back while I was brushing my teeth. He said, "OH! Mommy! You brush teeth! Ha Ha Ha." He laughed so hard that it was almost as if I had told a really funny joke. Not so, just a mouth full of toothpaste & toothbrush. He left & returned with Cobb's toothbrush in his mouth and Cobb's toothpaste in his hand. I told him he had to use his own. So he left again. I hear this, "Mommy! This okay? This the one??" "No honey, that's Cobb's other toothbrush." Poor thing, I had to help him find it. We did, he brushed, and then he lost interest.

Pretty fascinating post huh? Just a glimpse of a day with the Ridge-a-roo.

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