Friday, February 13, 2009

Friends & Gifts

We had a great time today. Ridge & I stayed in our PJs all day, and the big kids played with friends. We started off the morning with Cobb's friend Alex coming over. Then shortly after Charly's friend Bella & her baby sister Annalise arrived. Annalise was for sure the highlight of the morning.

Cobb & Charly gave her lots of attention. I think they miss having a baby around since Ridge is growing up so fast!

Our morning with friends went so smoothly with only one little hiccup. We discovered as our friends were leaving that the door was locked to Cobb's bedroom as well as the connecting bathroom. So we tried several things to get it open & finally called the builder to get a key. So grateful that Ridge wasn't inside that room because it took hours to get it unlocked.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. . .
Here's pics opening their Valentine's gifts from Mimi & Papeaux.

We worked the puzzles & ate the candy. Then the Damers arrived to play. Selah & Charly headed outside.

And the 4 boys went upstairs. Coben & Cobb played Superman while Ridge & Brantzen played trains.

And of course because it's Friday the 13th, Rob told all the kids stories. Rob has a gift that makes kids gravitate towards him. He's so fun to live with!

And finally, right before bed, the kids chowed on some Sprinkles from Nana & Pops. Yummy bedtime snack.

Such a fun day. Rob & I are now going to relax & watch a movie. See ya!

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