Thursday, February 05, 2009

Totally Girl/Totally Boy


Tuesday, while Ridge slept and Cobb was at school, Charly & I had a tea party with mommy's nice plates. We set it up outside because it was a beautiful day. Lots of chatting. It was fun, but a little out of my realm (I played star wars, cops/robbers, & Indians/cowboys growing up). The tea party came to a sudden stop when Ridge awoke from his nap. At least he was happy. He had been "diagnosed" with Cranky Kid Syndrome earlier in the day.

So Charly resulted to belting out disney tunes from the top of the fort.

Yesterday I just had Ridge in the a.m. so we went to hang with our cousins(Sam, Jack, Rhody, & Bo) at Missy's. Then we headed on to Pump it up. I had the little boys (Bo, Jack, & Ridge) in my car. They cracked me and each other up the whole way. They laughed, giggled, and made a ton of funny noises.

Look at these crazy boy cousins! L to R: Sam, Jack, Ridge, Bo, Rhody.
They all had such a good time together, sliding, jumping, tackling. At one point all five were in a bounce house throwing balls and piling on top of each other as boys do. It was fun to watch.

Erin & Emma Howell & Liza Dishman and her grandmother joined us at pump it up. Liza & Emma had no problem keeping up with the boys. GO GIRLS!

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