Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Fun

I don't think I realized how busy the Valentine's holiday can get until I had 2 of my kids in preschool. It was a fun busy though! Wednesday morning the kids had "Donuts with Dad." Pops was gracious to come & be in Charly's classroom so Rob could be in Cobb's. Here's a picture of Charly that Pops took.

Rob got to join her towards the end and she was able to give him a her Valentine. It said:
MY DADDY by Charly (her words are bold & italicized)
My Daddy's name is Rob
My Daddy's shoe size is really big
My Daddy's job is working on his computer
My Daddy's favorite color is black & Blue
My Daddy's favorite food is chicken & ham
My Daddy is the Best because on my birthday he took me to American Girl and Chic Fil a for lunch

Here's some pics from Cobb's classroom. The kids sang a song to the dads.

Cobb with his friend Hailey

Cobb also gave a Valentine to Daddy seen in the above picture. It said the following (Cobb's words are bolded & italicized)

What size shoe does your dad wear? Uh he always wears long sleeves & short pants
What is your dad's favorite food? Ooh I know his favorite food, cookies!
What is your dad's favorite color? Uhhhh, black
What does your dad do that is funny? Oh he makes, he just tackles us and ugh! Poof! Pow! He just lays down, it's really funny
What does your dad do at work? Uh, he always do what he's supposed to do
What dis your dad's favorite TV show? Office
What is your dad's favorite sport? oh, sports game, Wii sports game
How tall is your dad? Uh he was just 84
What does your dad do best? Uh, he, when I say can I have your phone and he says yes, that's what my dad does best
How old is your dad? Uh oh, I don't know how old he is. He's lie a 5, 35. And my mom is 65. What color are your dad's eyes? Blue, just like mine
How much does your dad weigh? What? Weight you said? He just weighs 1 minutes or 2 minutes or 3 minutes or 84 minutes (he was thinking "Wait")
I know my dad loves me because. . . he loves playing the Wii with me and I love him sharing the spiderman movie

So there you have it. Profound words from Cobb Thomas. So glad he thinks I'm 65.

Later in the day I joined Charly for her Valentine's party at school and the following day headed to Cobb's party. (Thanks Stacey for watching Ridge both days!)

Unfortunately, I don't have pics from Charly's party. But here are some from Cobb's party:
Decorating bags to collect Valentines

The chopsticks race:

They had to put all their conversation hearts in their cup using chopsticks. First one to fill their cup won! This was Cobb's teacher's idea & the kids enjoyed it. Then they decorated cookies.

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