Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacation Days

I love it when my kids have holidays from school. Cobb didn't have school today or yesterday due to President's day. So we stayed in our PJs, had yummy breakfasts, played with friends, ate lots of snacks, and relaxed. We had a really good time with singing, playdoh, games, shows, etc. . . I decided today (probably for the nth time) that the sound that makes me smile the most is the sound of my children laughing and playing together. I love over-hearing their little conversations. They crack each other up and laugh out loud. Charly was so sweet to play cars with Ridge, Ridge played tackle with Cobb, and Cobb & Charly played hide-n-seek (except they were boht hiding). Our playdoh man:

A pic of Rob concentrating on the Wii Fit.

Very similar to Cobb's concentrated look. See previous post to compare.

And here's some pics from the garage clean up:

Our garage moved to our music room during the hail storm which prompted the garage clean out.

Thanks Pops for all your help!

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