Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wii Fit

Today the kids & I gave Rob a Wii Fit for Valentine's & Anniversary combo. The kids & I set it up after lunch & poor Rob didn't really get to partake in the fun because he was cleaning out the garage (sweet hubby! I'll show pics tomorrow).

Anyway, you do this baseline body test at the beginning with your Mii. I was saddened to know that my Wii Fit age was 51! Yep, that's right, 51!! So of course my competitive nature had me do it again much later (after the kids had had their fill), and I brought it down to 41. I'm okay with that. Bob, Rob, Cobb, Charly & Ridge all did the body test. Ridge was funny. He stood for a while then just sat down. Of course the lack of effort gave him a Wii Fit age of 28. My sweet baby.

Cobb thought it was cool that his Wii Fit age was 35. The same age as Daddy. I think that is mostly due to his need to work on balance skills. Look at this look of concentration as he played the games. . .

And this one. . .

The Wii Fit is going to be great for Cobb. He "ran" 2 miles today. You have the controller in your pocket & just run in place. I was pretty impressed by his endurance, especially since he often crashes on me when we walk around the block.

Tonight, Valentine's night, Rob took the kids to the Damer's house & then brought home yummy food from Market Street. So nice to have a cozy date at home sans kids. We're in the process of watching "Annie Hall." It's paused now b/c Rob went to pick up the kiddos. Anybody seen it? It's pretty good so far.

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Beck said...

Have only seen parts of "Annie Hall." We are watching an oldie but goodie: "Out of Africa"

I can't wait to see you & tease you about being 41. I love it.