Wednesday, September 16, 2009

King of the Week

Well, Cobb got King of the Week this week in his Kindergarten class. He has been VERY excited about it. He gets to be the classroom helper and wear a crown all day, all week long. I had the privilege of subbing in his classroom on Monday for Mrs. Bush (she had a PTA meeting from 8-9). I enjoyed getting to put faces with names of all the kids Cobb talks about at home. Mrs. Bush has a great little class of kids.

At the beginning of class, Mrs. Bush had me play the first three songs on the CD. Thankfully, I was familiar with them(Good Morning song, Months of the year, Days of the Week), but I didn't know the motions. Cobb kindly and authoritatively said, "uh mom, just watch me." Apparently, I was doing the motions all wrong. Cobb was totally in his element, and it was so fun to watch. He was cute wearing his crown and telling his friends about his poster that we had made. I forgot to take a picture before we turned it in, but it had all sorts of pictures of Cobb, his family, friends, cousins, hobbies, etc... He was a very proud King of the Week. Hopefully, we won't go into withdrawal next week when he's back to being just a normal class citizen. :) Here's a picture of the King and his teacher:

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