Monday, September 14, 2009

Quotes from Kids I Know & Love

Kids have the truest, most honest, and most humorous reactions to the tragedy we have experienced. I don't want to forget these responses so I am writing them down. So sweet, so sad, and yet they make me laugh too.

KF: "Oh! Now Haley can ride the wave runner!" (you can't ride when you're pregnant.)

AF: She wrote us a note all on her own. Her parents found it next to her bed. "Hy Tomsis I am sore thet yol aur feling sad. I am sad to. love Abby." Such a sweet little heart.

LR: After stumping her mom with several 'why' questions she said, "It's going to be a long time til I meet the baby in Heaven. But Nana will meet the baby soon!"

My sweet friend brought flowers and cookies to our door to express her sympathy. She brought her children with her.
AC: "We brought these flowers because your baby died."
PC: "Why'd your baby die again? Can we have a cookie?"
I'm sure this was awkward for my friend, but I was touched by the kids' desire to be involved in their mom's sweet gift.

CT: "Ok, so... Can I watch batman now?"

ChT: "I'm excited! I'll get to meet the baby in Heaven." She doesn't quite understand how long that really will be.

ChT: To a nail salon lady. "I'm going to Target to get mommy a present because she's sad. The baby in her tummy died." (lady's response: "ookay").

RT: "Are you still sad mommy? ooooh no!" He took my hand in his chubby little one & held on.

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Beck said...

I love these, H. Somehow I had missed this post. Kids are so resilient...if not always merciful. :)