Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ridge the Swimmer

I realize that I never posted about Ridge's swim lessons. He had one week of lessons with Mrs. Debra at the end of July. He was so terrified of the water, so my goal was that he would be comfortable being held by me in the deep end. Mrs. Debra not only helped him feel more comfortable in the water, but also taught him to kick to the side & get out when/if he falls in. He cried so much the first few days of lessons, that he was hoarse! But it was all worth it. I took pictures on the last day, the only day I was able to watch (his tears were too much for me).
Below she demonstrated to me how he can swim to the side. . .

Below, she has just dropped him into the deep end, and my big boy found his way to the ladder and crawled out.

And his favorite was riding on Mrs. Debra's back.

This made our life a ton easier in Florida! He loved the water, asked to swim to the side many times(when in the pool), and rode on Rob's or my back the majority of the time we swam. It's so cute when he is on the steps, and he says, "Are you ready mommy???" When I say yes, he gets a bubble in his mouth and ducks into the water towards me. Every once in a while I have to remind him to kick, but he does really well for the most part. THANKS Mrs. Debra!!!!

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