Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Storm is Scary

I was putting the boys to bed and a storm is brewing outside. . .

Ridge: Mommy, the storm is scary
Me: I know it's loud. But Cobby is in here with you. He can protect you.
Cobb: Not after I fall asleep! I can't protect him while I'm asleep
Ridge: (Ridge puts on a scared face) It's scary mommy!
Me: The storm can't get into the house. We are safe in the house that God has given us.
Cobb: Lightening can break through a roof.
Ridge: But what about the lightening!
Me: You can talk to God if you are scared. He's our protector. And God made the lightening and the thunder and the rain. Rain helps the plants to grow
Ridge: Tell the storm not to scare me
Me: Do you want to tell it?
Ridge: Storm, don't scare me! (he said this in a very forceful voice)
Me: Is that better?
Ridge: yeah. It not scare me any more.
Me: Okay, well, I'll see you in the morning!


Ashley Phillips said...

Cobb's a big help! HAHA! ;)

Rob said...

I'm so glad you retain verbatim conversations... It will be so fun to read their conversations to them when they get older.