Friday, September 04, 2009

Week in Review

Daddy walked with us to school on Monday, and that was a real treat. It was good for me too because we had to drop Cobb off at the door. What a big boy! sigh. . .

Usually, after we take Cobb to school, we'll go home, pick up Mulligan, and go for a walk. Charly & Ridge have enjoyed exercising with me so they'll get out of the stroller every once in a while and run with Mulligan.

There's also a garden like area by one of the ponds that they like to stop and perform. Here they are singing at the top of their lungs. I was sad I didn't have Rob's fancier iphone b/c I couldn't video the cuteness.

Monday after school, we spent some time at Daddy's office then headed over to the Dishmans for a while. Carrie was sweet to feed us dinner! yum! She's a naturally good cook. Below is a pic of the girls in all their girlyness. . .

On Tuesday we played over at the Parkers for a bit. Charly was a big help. She dressed Ridge for me, and she fed Dayton her applesauce. She's such a nurturing little girl.

Later in the afternoon, we headed out to Charly's soccer practice. Cobb & Charly were on their bikes. Poor Cobb crashed big time right before we got there. He scratched & bruised his face, banged up his elbows & his knee. He hurt all over. I had a choice to make. Either turn around & walk all the way back to our house, get in the car & go, or press on. After big hugs & attempts at comfort, I scooped him up into the stroller next to Ridge, stuck the bike on the stroller handle bar & kept on towards soccer practice where we waited for Daddy to meet us. As soon as Daddy got there, we headed home to patch up miserable Cobb. Daddy got to stay & watch Charly practice, but called to check on the Cobb's progress.

Wednesday we played at the park with Bennett and one of Charly's friends Riley Rogers, and then got the afternoon treats of sonic drinks(Cobb survived his day at Kindergarten even after being banged up from his bike), playground with friends, and eventually McDonalds happy meals for dinner. I suddenly turned into the "best mom ever!" according to my kids. Really, the McDonalds was out of necessity in a rushed evening, and the need to get to church fast. But I'll take the credit!

Thursday was a fun day of playing with friends, and Cobb had his second soccer practice. The whole team has improved & it's fun to watch!

And today, we get to head to the Lake with the Fifers! YEAH FOR US!


Stacey said...

You are the best mom! The weather has been so nice for walk and playgrounds. You've done much better than I at taking advantage!

And poor Cobb...what a trooper! That will probably be a crash to remember for him.

marc and trisha said...

What a busy week. Just like Stacey said you are a great mom.