Friday, December 12, 2008

All Ye Faithful

All Ye Faithful from Igniter Media on Vimeo.

All Ye Faithful is a video that Igniter just completed for Christmas... it's a call to worship video, similar to our Easter one, Because He Lives.

I loved getting to work on this project because I got to bring in all my friends that have great voices and hang out with them... an hour at a time. As you can see, there are some familiar faces from 'Because He Lives' and this time I was able to get two family members in... Kyle and Elle (my niece). Also, Chuck Adair, my youth leader from Skillman days (1987-1990) is in there.

Of course it's always fun to work with Cary Pierce, Jon Abel, and Patrick Ryan Clark... all three so talented.

Alright if I'm listing everyone... I love Linda Martin... she has such a rich voice. And Sasha nails that last note perfectly. Tyrone Johnson has such an amazing voice and he's hilarious. Sean, Valetta, Aaron, Tamar, and Russ were either new friends for me, or new to this experience... and they all did great.

I know, I know... I should have gotten Charly to sing a part... at least that's what Haley and my mom keep telling me.


PotterFamily said...

absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing.

olivia and henry said...


SarahFifer said...

Love it. Again, can't believe I wasn't asked - what up with that :)!!