Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We in Texas don't quite know what to do when it gets so cold. Schools close and parking lots don't get sanded. What do I mean you ask? Well, Ridge had his two year appointment at the doctor, and Cobb's school was closed. So Cobb, Charly, & I headed to Raintree Pediatrics where the parking lot was a solid block of ice. Ok, I may be exaggerating slightly (only slightly), but it is true that I drove to a parking spot that did NOT have any cars next to me for fear of sliding & crashing into a shiny new Lexus.

I carefully step one foot out of the car while cautioning my kiddos to NOT get out til mommy can help them. I stabilize my left foot, shift my weight ever so carefully in order to remove the rest of my body from my tall Sequoia. Then, the "stable" foot slips right out from under me causing me to fly in the air. Failing to catch myself with my other foot, I land right on my hip(cushioned thankfully!). Cobb begins laughing because I looked like the poor girl who falls off the table in that youtube video (yes, he's seen it). See below if you haven't seen it. . .

When I told Cobb that I was really hurt, he became empathetic & helped me ice my foot in the pediatrician's office.

Well, I went to see Dr. Bindra today because the pain continues. The result? I now have a sprained toe joint and a possible chip in the bone.

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Brandy said...

At least your toenails look cute. So sorry Haley, that sounds painful!