Sunday, December 07, 2008

Out of Town Visitors

I have been meaning to post these other Thanksgiving pics, but haven't gotten around to it yet. . . Oops! here it goes. . .

Over Thanksgiving we were so excited to get to hang with some of my family as well as some out of town members of Rob's family. My sister Caroline & her hubby Nick came in town the Monday before Thanksgiving. We got to go over to Nick's sister's house in Wylie and play Tuesday morning.

They had a swing that all of my kids loved! Hanging down from a tall tree which allowed really high swinging!

And then we got to see them again after Thanksgiving along with my parents. So fun to just relax at home with Mimi, Papeaux, Aunt Kiki, and Uncle Nick.

wrestling with my babies. . .

We also got to hang out with Amy and Andy Davenport (Rob's cousin) and their kids. Charly & Anna Gray had a blast dancing to the music of Kung Fu Panda.

Preparing for the performance of the band of the year. Presenting Two Princesses, Superman, and Diaper Boy Band.

Charly loved holding baby Ayla. She is dying for a baby sister!! We told her she could pretend Baby Mia & Baby Ayla are her baby sisters.

The girls:

Cobb was pretty star struck too. Sweet little Ayla.

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