Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Prep

This weekend we decorated for Christmas. I love it when my house is all decorated. I wish I could leave Christmas decor up longer than just December. Oh well.

Here's the little elf in our garage returning home from getting our Christmas Tree at our local Christmas Tree farm (Home Depot. . . ha ha!).

Saturday I ran out of lights for the Christmas tree so we went back to Home Depot. To our surprise, Santa was there!

The kids loved telling him what they wanted, and I enjoyed how this Santa took the time to encourage each of them for something. He praised Cobb for being a good big brother, Charly for helping her mommy, and Ridge for being sweet. All true.

Then the kids and I returned to the house to decorate the tree so we could surprise daddy when he got home. Rob was painting over at T & M's new house.

At first they had all the ornaments on the bottom, but were glad to move them higher because that meant they got to stand on the stools.

Later, we put lights on the house. I really enjoy climbing and heights (wonder where my kids get it!), so I begged Rob to let me get on the roof to do the lights. He agreed. Here's me on the roof:

Here's how Rob feels about me being on the roof:

And here's the big picture of all that was going on. Our neighbors were also decorating so it was a busy outside on Saturday.

Don't worry about the strand hanging down. I wasn't quite finished when Rob took this picture.


lindsay said...

hahaha I LOVE that you climbed up on the roof- you're too funny!

Brandy said...

I think it is even funnier that you don't have shoes on while climbing on the roof!

Amanda, John, James, and Jack said...

JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG!!!! I love it!!! Is ok that i put u on mine???

SarahFifer said...

At least it wasn't your 2 year old on the roof - remember that??!!? Abby will still bring that up when we see people on roofs :)!

Rob said...

Sarah, that roof was almost completely flat... very safe...

Ok, I shouldn't have listened to Cobb and brought him on the roof. He wanted to help!