Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Celebrating RT Productions

We had our 5th Christmas party last night! In the past we've had the company Christmas party at restaurants, but this time we had it at our house. It was so fun to have everyone over. Stacey & I hung out and prepared for the party all day Monday, plus Martha & Stacey were over helping decorate on Sunday. Here's a few pics:

Then the party began:

This is an envelope with Santa's favorite things in it. Rob picks some awesome gifts that people may not buy for themselves, but would love to have. Everyone gets to pick one thing off that list.

Here's all the envelopes on the tree, and an example of the top of the Santa's favorite things(not to be revealed to the public).

Here's some looking at their options:

Thanks everyone for coming over!

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Anonymous said...

Why can't you reveal some of the options -dying to know!