Monday, December 08, 2008

Charly + Scissors

Yes, Charly cut her hair. I'm so sad. I was just talking to my friends Brandy & Jessica about how Brandy's daughter Selah had cut her hair. We talked about how important it was to put the scissors away. But somehow (not sure WHY I didn't heed the warning) I thought Charly was responsible with the scissors. She had never even hinted towards using them on anything other than paper. And she's almost 4! Shouldn't she be at least slightly responsible?? HA! Lesson learned by mommy for sure.

And poor sweet Ridge. He didn't know he was allowing his sister to butcher his hair. He looked like one of those cats who has mange. His daddy tried his best to repair it by buzzing it.

The Mug Shot

The Cut:

The evidence:

The innocent bystander:

More pictures to follow tomorrow as we try to correct the damage. We're praying Aunt Missy may be able to do something with her hair. We'll see.


Leslie Kremer said...

I feel like I could cry...her hair was so beautiful. It will grow back, it will become a memory, and you will laugh at the pictures.

Hope her new bob turns out cute and that Ridgey's hair comes back in quick.

I think I'll go check the location of all my scissors.

olivia and henry said...

oh my goodness! beautiful charly!!! when i talked with you and charly yesterday morning i especially noticed charly's long and pretty hair! well charly...welcome to the short hair girl's club! ;)

Caroline said...

OH MY :) We both just burst out laughing. It's sad, but it will definitely be funny later?!

ab said...

Wow! Miss Charly did some serious damage... and after you'd been growing it out for so long.

I wonder if she and Selah have been plotting :-)

chrys said...

she and selah need to go into business! how about you offer up a cut and style in selah & charly's salon as a farkle consequence for some really brave junior high kids??

she's going to look darling with short hair. and it's going to grow in thicker and more beautiful than ever!

Howell Fam said...

Haley- I don't know what to say girl....Wow that Charly has some talent. I think that hairdo is probably really hip somewhere in Europe. :)
Can't wait to see the the new do!

heather.pj said...

Poor thing. Sounds like she wasn't upset about it though so that's good right? I did the same thing as a kid. At least she didn't get anyone else. I cut my hair and both my younger sisters' hair. : )

Brandy said...

I am an awful awful friend....I can't stop laughing. I am sitting here with tears, cracking up at the pictures and the comments. Chrys' farkle idea is pretty good. Selah told me today that Charly is her "pretty best friend" so maybe they just wanted to match( :

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! She did quite a number there...I can't decide if I should laugh or cry.

Actually, I'm laughing. But laughing WITH you. Right?

I'm sure Aunt Missy will work some magic on her. And the Charly girl is cute as a button either way.

Love you guys!

Amanda, John, James, and Jack said...

LOLOL....I think she was going for the Posh Spice look! But they are still beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe. Caleb did this to himself too about a year ago. Right in the ... very ... front! Parenthood isn't for cowards.

Beck said...

Her new look reminds me of the very late eighties and the "waver" hairstyles that went along with Doc Martens, listening to The Cure, and wearing a black cardigan.

Also, remember that song, "We like the cars, the cars that go Boom! We're Tigre and Bunny and we like the boom!"? That's the haircut they had. Tres chic, Charly.

Jessica said...

awww, friend. i really can't believe it...was our conversation phrophetic??

my scissors are going up waaaaay high too. under lock and key! :)

i bet she'll be adorable with a cute bob--and it will grow again. she's adorable regardless--cute heart and personality.

about ridge--i messed up luke's hair this summer trying to buzz it on my own, and it looked like mange too. kirk had to fix it by going waaay short.

glad you have this journaled for later days to remember when...

The Bindras said...

she is going to look so cute with a pixie cut!! I can't wait to see it. I think maybe cutting one's hair is a rite of passage. I am sure she will be some sort of creative genius!! Be sure to take lots of "after pics!"