Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The New Do!

We went over to Aunt Missy's today to see if she could try to fix Charly's hair. This is what she had to work with:

You can also see other pics from the photos in the last post.

Missy is a genius.

It looks really cute. Missy parted the hair on the other side so we could create some length on the left side, and it turned out to be a really cute little bob. Charly has had a hard time with it today, but she'll get used to it. Here she is at the beginning of the blow dry. . . holding in the cry

On the verge of tears:

And then there was a total melt down. She cried over the loss of her long hair. She was so so sad, and so it made me sad. This is after the meltdown when we were able to talk about it. I had just finished saying that I wished I could make it long again, but I can't. She made a choice, and it's going to take a while for it to grow back.

This is such a great lesson to learn. We need to be thankful in all circumstances. Her hair is adorable, and she still has a full head of it. Thanks to Missy, it still looks cute too! There is MUCH to be thankful for, and mommy is SO SO grateful that Ridge & Charly weren't hurt. Those scissors had come awfully close to the scalp on both of them (safety scissors really aren't THAT safe).


Howell Fam said...

Haley- It looks ADORABLE!! Charly looks so stinking cute!!
Great recovery by Aunt Missy!!
Great parenting by Haley/Rob!!
Great reminders to all of us. THROW AWAY YOUR SCISSORS :)

Jessica said...

it's soooo cute! plus, it makes you two look more alike. made my heart melt to hear she was sad tho. sweet lil' girl...teachable moments.

EDS said...

Oh, it turned out super cute. Way to go Missy. I know that was so hard for both of you, but it sounds like you did a great job using it to teach.

heather.pj said...

Ahh, it looks so cute. I love that last picture of the two of you. Her Aunt is did a great job!

Brandy said...

It looks great- Missy did a great job- better than the place I took Selah to!

Selah cried too and asked how long until her hair is long again and asked me to make it long...sweet girls!

lindsay said...

It really does look absolutely adorable! She looks like Mommy!! Glad everyone is ok!

the bowlin family said...

So cute!!! Great job Aunt Missy! Way to go Haley for handling the situation so well. I know this will be me at some point! So glad it all turned out so great.

PotterFamily said...

she looks darling!!! i'm sad that the way her new cut came about, but, it looks fabulous... can aunt missy give ME a hair cut?! natural consequences can at times be the best way to learn. i hope she is doing better and liking her hair cut.... she does look darling, though :)

olivia and henry said...

charly is so beautiful! and her new hair cut just brings more attention to her precious face!!! i love it!

Les said...

She looks like little Lizbeth now!