Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The TV/Wii Jar

Cobb is the kind of boy who would watch TV or play Wii all day long if I let him. So earlier this summer, we had to create a TV/Wii Jar. This way he and I can have a visual of how much TV/Wii has been watched/played each day. He gets 3 tokens a day with the possibility of bonus times. Here's a staged picture of him with his empty jar today.

But even though the jar is empty. He still tries his best to convince me.

Cobb(with sly smile): Mommy, my head hurts. It hurts so badly, and it is telling me that I NEED to watch a movie.

Mean Mom: Cobb, I'm so sorry your head hurts, but the answer was "no" five minutes ago. And it is still "no."

I half expected Cobb to say, "So you are saying there's a chance!" But he didn't. He just asked again 5 minutes later in another creative way.

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