Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Sunday evening & Saturday

Last night we were able to have dinner at a favorite LH restaurant with the Richardsons and Nana & Pops. Ridge and Bo are so cute together, and they had a blast on the horse outside Mariano's. I just realized they were both wearing their 4th of July shirts.

Charly was very excited to see Lainey(she had just gotten back from visiting her grandparents in Texarkana). So Lainey came up to Allen to visit today. They mostly played "family" where Lainey was the mom and Charly the baby. It was really cute to watch. Lainey taught her how to write, gave her bottles, and put her to bed. Mom Lainey also talked on the phone a lot while Baby Charly was sleeping or playing quietly. (notice the silver cell phone in one hand and bottle in the other)

Tonight I went out with some girls from the neighborhood. It was really fun to get to hang out with these women. We went to Cru in the new Watters Creek area. Cool place!

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Sandra Damer said...

Lainey will be a great multi-tasking mom one day! :-)