Tuesday, August 05, 2008

random updates

Lately I've been wondering why my face lotion keeps disappearing, and I just found the culprit:

Charly is finally back in panties and starting to get some of her princesses back(see earlier post)

We got to play with Stacey and Bennett yesterday

Cobb has been enjoying his new presents

And I am still taking all my vitamins, and still feeling great! I just talked to the doctor, and she said that my ultrasound was normal except a little swelling on the pancreas. She said it is nothing to worry about, but just another piece of the puzzle. She wants me to continue to follow through with the EGD and colonoscopy. That will take place on August 19th.

Also, Rob is working hard on ECHO Conference coming up on the 14th. Mom and Dad are coming up to help with the kids so I can volunteer at the conference. We are really excited!

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Caroline said...

i liked watching cobby's b-day video!