Monday, August 18, 2008


The last day of ECHO was incredible. Kendall Payne opened the morning with a mini-concert. I love her songs. Check her website out if you get a chance. Brad Abare and Mark Steele both had keynote addresses. I didn't get to hear Brad's talk, but was able to listen in on Mark's. It was amazing. He wrote a book I recently read called "Half Life Die Already." If you've got a chance to read it, I recommend it.

After ECHO, Rob and I crashed at home Saturday night. It was great to be home, see the kids, and chill. We had movie night where we lay out blankets and pillows on the floor, cuddle up with the kids, and watch a movie. Our pick Saturday night was "Mulan."

The fact that we chose that particular movie made me smile. Why? Well, Rob and I actually have an inside joke that involves "Mulan." You see, I'm a procrastinator, and when Rob and I were hanging out early in our relationship, I was in graduate school. The evening before a huge test, Rob stopped by to say hello. So instead of helping me study or us going to do something fun, we decided to watch Mulan of all things. So today when either of us want to forget things we are supposed to do, we usually say we are "Mulaning it." And Saturday night it was so nice to just turn our brains off while we watched the movie with our kids.

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