Monday, August 18, 2008

Precious relationships

There are several relationships that I look at and think they are priceless. One of these is Charly and her daddy. She loves him so much, and when he walks in the door her grin expands from ear to ear. I pray that she will continue to look at her daddy as a hero, a protector, a joy to be around, a person of great value, and someone who loves her unconditionally. And I pray that she will be able to see that her heavenly Father loves her the same way, but even better (if that can even be imagined). What a sweet thing to see her run into her daddy's arms, and for her to call out to him when she needs him.

And the other relationship I'm thinking about tonight is Cobb and Abby. They've been friends since birth(15 days apart), took their first outing together, and grew up to be fast friends of 5 years. They are both about to enter into new and different worlds. Abby will start Kn in Lake Highlands in one week (I can't believe it!), and Cobb will start a transitional Kn program in Allen, playing soccer, and making new friends. I believe this bond they have will continue even though their little lives will not cross paths near as much as before. It is such a sweet bond of friendship that we as parents are so grateful for.


SarahFifer said...

Thanks for making me cry! They are the most precious friends and I do hope and pray they will always have their little bond no matter where life takes them. They are too cute :)

Howell Fam said...

Oh my word... now I am crying. Those two punkins are so adorable. I am glad that Grace has them in her life as well. My how time flies...GOD IS SO GOOD.

Leslie said...

Gosh those pictures are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Mark said...

they are so big. i know that they will always have a special bond. the way abby talks about cobby is so different than when she talks about anyone else. i think their friendship is such a precious gift.

the sweet bond that charly and her daddy have is priceless!!! the picture says it all. how lucky they both are to have each other. you get to sit and watch, you're pretty lucky too!

the lord is so good to us in so many ways, but i think friendship and unconditional love are such wonderful gifts from him.

btw, you made me cry too!