Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My little helper

Charly is such a great helper! She helped me feed Ridge yogurt for breakfast and lunch today (her request).
Me: Ridge, do you want yogurt?
Ridge: No
Charly: Ridge say YES
Ridge: Yes

And it was a done deal.

Charly: You like your yogurt Ridge?
Ridge: No
Charly: say yes
Ridge: Yes
Charly: Say, "I want more yogurt Please"
Ridge: please

Charly: After this you get one more bite then you're done. Ok??
Ridge: No
Charly: say yes
Ridge: yes


Chrys and Mike said...

oh, laughing so hard. her face in the last pic is priceless.

my boys need a big sister! they're missing out!


Stacey said...

Oh, that little girl can be so persuasive! What a cute story!

Lisa said...

Charly the budding speech therapist!! I do the same thing all day!

lindsay said...


Why don't kids act like that when we tell them something? Maybe Charly has cracked the code to child-rearing!