Friday, August 08, 2008

The laughable walk & Good times

Well, it was a little bit less hot this morning so we decided to go for a walk. Cobb REALLY wanted to ride his tractor & not his bike. So of course I let him. He had a blast until. . .

The tractor died at the furthest point in our walk(oops! forgot to charge it last night). We knocked on a random door and asked permission to leave the tractor on their doorstep. She was very sweet and said yes. Then Cobb proceeded to walk by my side and help push the stroller. That didn't last too long, and he said he was too tired to walk. So, desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. Charly rode on top. I was so thankful for my heavy stroller because it was able to support her weight on top balanced by Ridge & Cobb in the seats. She loved it, and thinks we should always walk this way.

And then when we got home we jumped in the car and headed to get the tractor.
And now it's charging. :)

When we got home, our old neighbors from Estate Lane were waiting for us to play. It was good times for all!! The boys played the Wii and wrestled.

The girls painted their nails, played princesses, and made funny faces for the camera.

We all had a good time.


Stacey said...

What a fun day! I love that you documented it for us with photos.

It was really pretty this morning. I probably should have gone for a walk but we just blew bubbles and chased birds for a little while.

Leslie said...

The Stroller thing is something I've done before with my 'umbrella stroller'...Lizbeth braces her self on the handles and rest her little tushy on the stroller, which is basically nothing. Only in desperate measures and short distance, huh. Thank God for small kids. You have a nice stroller. Thanks for sharing!

The Bindras said...

that's my favorite jogger-stroller move. It's the only way to go, with 3 kiddos. We have made many a trip to our local wal-mart market with our jogger stroller and one up and 2 down!! I liked that you said it was "less hot!"
Loved seeing y'all this evening!