Friday, August 01, 2008


Our 3 year old Charly has been asking a lot lately about marriage. Mostly, "how am I going to be married?" and "who is going to marry me?" Well, tonight she asked again. It went something like this:

Charly: "Why did Jesus die on the cross?"
Rob: "Well, he took our place Charly. We all make mistakes, and so. . ."(interrupted)
Charly: "How am I going to be married?"
Rob: "Well, I don't know, but God knows."
Charly: "Who is goin to be?
Haley: "We don't know, but we could pray for him. God knows who he is"
Charly: "Why can't he tell us?"
Haley: "Well, sometimes we don't know things. But it's ok because God knows, and we can trust God."
Rob: "We might not know for a long time, but God will let us know when it's time.

So she was satisfied. We prayed for her husband, and we prayed for patience for her while she waits and trusts the Lord.

(Rob comment: Why the freak is my daughter already concerned with her husband!!)


Stacey said...

Sweet Charly. She's just all girl!

That reminds me...when I was watching the kids the other day Charly and I were looking at your wedding album. She was very interested in all the details of the day, especially fixated on why she wasn't in any of the pictures. She stumped me though when she asked why mommy was wearing tennis shoes with her pretty dress.

Brandy said...

During the week of dance camp, Selah told me she was going to marry Cobb and Josiah said to her, "he might not want to marry you sweetie", and she very indignantly replied "He's crazy"

Sandra D said...

Too sweet ... it'll continue to happen .. Selah often asks .. what her new last name will be!!! :-)