Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stuff the Truck, Christmas Trees, Tomato Soup, and Grandmommy

Today and the next two Sundays, Watermark Community Church is collecting canned goods and non-perishable items to donate them to Central Dallas Ministries and Network of Community Ministries. So yesterday, we headed to Costco to buy some goods to contribute. The kids definitely had opinions about what we should get.

This morning we took it to the truck. I wish I had a picture of Ridge walking across the parking lot with maxi-pads. It was so cute. They were the only thing lite enough for him to carry.

Yesterday Rob spent some time cleaning out the garage and trimming our bushes(our friends lovingly refer to them as Christmas Trees due to their height).

While he trimmed the bushes the kids joined him outside.

Last night we had tomato soup and sandwiches for dinner. Ridge loved it. Can you tell?

I've been trying to avoid hot things in plastic (all the stories of chemicals being released have gotten to me). So I gave Ridge a glass bowl. Not smart. This caused a major clean up afterwards that included shattered glass and a canceled trip to Pops & Nana's pool. Oh well. You live and learn. We plan on swimming at Pops and Nana's this evening instead.

And one more important thing. Yesterday was Rob's Grandmommy's birthday. She is not with us anymore, but she is remembered fondly. She was such an incredible lady. I love these pictures of her:
Grandmommy and Cobb(Easter of 2004).

Grandmommy and Charly in early April 2005

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These are the days... said...

Corelle dishes are the best! Lightweight, inexpensive, microwaveable and UNBREAKABLE! Walmart carries the plain white and beige sets.

Tell Rob, Nikki Rausche Davis says "Hi!". My memories of freshman year at ACU are filled with his antics.