Thursday, August 14, 2008

ECHO conference is here!

Today was the first day of ECHO. Stacey and I worked registration. We had a great time getting to meet all the attendees, producers, exhibitors, and speakers. And it's very cool to watch the conference unfold after knowing how much work has been put into it. It was a bit surreal for both of us.

Martha and Bob (Rob's parents) helped with registration

along with other staff.

Attendees went to different labs today.

Open ceremonies were tonight where Johnny & Chachi made an appearance(that's my husband in the blue jacket and wig),

Will Pavone led worship(my brother-in-law Kyle and Sasha are singing with him). Picture below was taken by David Russell.

Mark Batterson talked(picture taken by David Russell).

The whole thing was awesome. So grateful to be here. I'm in awe at how God uses the creativity and talents He gave my husband and the rest of the ECHO crew. I pray God continues to be glorified as the weekend continues.


David Russell said...

Haley, thanks for all your help today! We were a bit lost this morning, but you helped us get to the Galleria to hang out until the evening registration and keynote.

We've been really impressed with you and the ECHO staff. You are doing a great job!

Enjoy the photos! The last two look familiar to me. :)

olivia and henry said...

haley, i'm so glad that you gave an update on echo!!!! i have been thinking about you all and praying that the conference goes so well. love seeing the pictures and hearing about it!!!