Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lake Day!

It's been an incredibly fun, yet exhausting day. We went down to Sarah's parents' lakehouse today. Unfortunately, we had to leave Rob at home because he was sick. But we still had a great time. There were fifteen kiddos, ages 5 and under. It was crazy, wild, and amazingly fun. The kids all got along great. Below are some pictures from our day.

The slide:

Cobb, Abby, & Charly hanging at the top of the slide

Here's Prince Ridge kissing his "sleeping princess" sister

Charly and mommy

Charly & her cousin Rhody

The Lake:

Cobb loved the slide and the wave runner. He rode the wave runner with Christman twice, and with me about 5 or 6 times. He ran hard all day, and unfortunately got a little burned on his cheeks & arms. YIKES! First sunburn!

Ridge loved the lake too. And it was shallow enough for him to stand up and play "ring around the rosy" with the girls.

He also rode the waverunner with mommy twice! He laughed the whole time shouting "Go, Go, Go!"

The ride home was not as quiet as I thought, and we had a few unexpected bathroom stops, one being on the side of the road (but I was so proud of Charly for telling me). I was surprised that my kids were not wiped out completely. They played hard all day! Unfortunatley, when we got home, I had to convince them they were tired and to "pretend" to lay in bed and fall asleep. They apparently found some second (or third or fourth) wind that I did not find.

Thanks again to B & Pop, Fifers, & Bowlins for having us!

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Sandra d said...

Sooo much fun - love all the pictures ... what's funnier is that those 15 kids were probably from only like 3 families. :-) LOL

I'm shocked they weren't trashed either!!! Wow .. they were most definitely on 4th winds. ha!!! :-)

FUN day!!! :-)