Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Conversations with doctors

Last night I received a message that my bloodwork thus far is normal. So I do not have Celiac or Lupus. This is great news! Earlier today I saw the neruologist, and he is sure the tremor is an essential tremor that is most likely exasperated by my being sick. I also got confirmation from the cardiologist, that the fatty cells on my heart are not something to worry about. They do not usually see that on younger patients, so they will continue to watch it.

And I just got off the phone with my internist, and she feels that we need to keep pursuing the root of my B12 deficiency. The B12 shot I had last week (got my 2nd today) seems to be helping with my energy level and lightheadedness. In order to pursue the B12 deficiency idea, my internist is going to send me back to a GI doctor for a GI work-up. Not sure when that will be, so I may not know anything for awhile. In the meantime, I will wait and enjoy the new found energy. My internist seems to have taken a real interest in my case, and she and I talked through many options on the phone. I praise God that I have the privledge of being under her care.

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sandra D. said...

Yay for some good clean results... I hope that the B12 shots continue to give you energy. I will continue praying for wisdom for your drs as they continue trying to figure things out.

Thanks for keeping us posted! :-)