Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun week for Kids

I am so grateful for this week because my sweet friend Trisha arranged for the kids to go to the school where she is teaching T-F, and they have pre-arranged (by Sarah) playdates with friends every day after school. So, yesterday they had such a good time, and my friend Carrie Dishman and her kids came to play around 2:30. I unfortunately wasn't feeling well, so I rested while she took full control of the kiddos and picked up the house (so grateful....thanks!). I didn't get to take any pics of the Dishmans, so here's a pic of Cobb and Mac when we went hiking way back on June 3rd.

Today my friend Carolyn and her boys came to play. The kids had such a blast and I was feeling better than yesterday so I sat with them as they played. Carolyn was a work horse and left my house picked up just like Carrie did! Carolyn and her husband John are about to leave for John's fellowship in orthopedic surgery. They'll be in Indiana for a year, and then hopefully they'll move back to Big D. We'll miss them so much!
Will Heinrich(above) and Ridge(below) played with toys.

Charly, Cobb, and Sam Heinrich dressed up as Giselle, Spiderman, and Batman. Not sure what the pose is all about??

Charly, The Sleeping Princess. . .

And some crazy boys. . .

I just heard my sister-in-law Missy started a blog. Check it out! Catchy name Miss!

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