Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy 36th birthday to my wife.

Today is Haley's birthday. I remember memorizing her birthday long before we were even dating. In fact, 9 years ago today, Haley and I sat at Curtis Park and I read her a letter I had written. It basically said, 'I'm crazy about you, you aren't crazy about me, so I think we need to stop hanging out'. And we did. We stopped hanging out. Then we both started going to Watermark independently. Then we kept being thrust into each other's lives, which wasn't easy for me, considering I was trying to 'get over' her.
Flash forward, she eventually came around which is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

I love so many things about Haley. Starting with her smile, to her friendliness, to her compassion for others, to her love of the Lord, to her spunky-ness, to her looks, to how she loves me, to how she loves our kids... I could go on... and I will.

I love her brown/hazel eyes.
I love that Charly has them too.
I love that Ridge is obsessed with her (like I was early on)
I love that Cobb needs her more than anyone.
I love that she looks to Scripture first for wisdom.
I love that she clings to the Lord for strength.
I love how well she loves her friends.
I love that she doesn't mind me telling you her age.
I love that she loves exercise.
I love that she is a bit clutzy... except when she spilt water on my computer... I didn't love that.

If you have time, please write her a birthday wish in the comments. Haley and I are so thankful for the love and support we have felt from so many. We praise God for the way he has taken care of us and especially how he has used our community of friends and family.


Chrys and Mike said...

so, so sweet rob.

haley, you are so loved by so many! i hope you have a wonderful day!!!

happy, happy birthday!

every blessing,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Haley! I'm so glad you got away for some rest.

We love you,
The Morrone's

Sandra D. said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Haley ... Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I hope that you have a fantastic day!!!!!
Sandra :-D

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday Haley!!!!

I love the list from Rob.

Another thing that I love about you is that you are 2 days older than me. You gotta love the blog and Rob's willingness to share. ; )

Enjoy the day.


Wendy said...

hi haley. i am a friend of rob's but wanted to drop in and say happy birthday. i am so thankful everything has worked out for good and i only wish you the very best. looking forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY! We love you and miss you!

Amy, Andy, AG, Ash and baby : )

olivia and henry said...

wow, such loving and thoughtful words, rob!!!

i hope that you have a wonderful birthday, sweet haley!

you are loved!

lindsay said...

Haley- Happy birthday my sweet, sweet friend!

The Bindras said...

Happy birthday, Haley!! 36 is a glorious age! Hope this is year is the most encouraging, most challenging, most growing, most fun year yet! love, jenny, amby, and the girlies

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Haley!

I love you, Anne

Robbie Vedrenne said...

Happy Birthday Haley... Thanks for letting your husband play with light sabers with me.

Caroline said...

Haley -

I love Rob's list! Way to go, Rob :)

Can I add to it? I love that I can always ask you advice and how wise you are. I love that you are my sister and I'm so proud of you in every way.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday haley -- we all celebrate the day you were born! hope you got wonderful news and some more clues as a birthday gift today.

big hugs from afar,

desiree said...

Haley, happy birthday and hope you have a great day.

sorry to hear about everything that is going on. we are praying for you, rob, and the kids.

we love yall.

love desiree

Ruth Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Haley! Go Rob with your sweet comments! Wish we lived closer...need to get together's been to long! Miss you both!
Ruth Ann

Suzanne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND. Praying that you get some answers soon. AND in the meantime that you feel His peace and hope.

the bowlin family said...

happy birthday haley!!! i hope your birthday is as wonderful and special as you are! you are such a sweet and precious friend. love you!

marc and trisha said...

Happy Birthday Haley!!!! You have been such a blessing to me. Thanks for allowing the Lord to use you during all of this.


The Lindstrom Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday, to my new sweet sweet friend! Did you know that you have the same birthday as my mom....who I looove sooo much? It must be a coincidence??? Perhaps not?? Delighted that you had such a fantastic time and great day - much deserved!

with much love,