Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, after mom left this past Thursday I noticed a round circle on little Ridge's head. It didn't seem to bother him, but I was pretty sure it was ringworm. We confirmed it at the doctor later that day. Ringworm?? How'd we get that?? So I immediately took Mulligan in to the vet for his yearly (which unfortunately for him, I've put off). We're so glad to say that Mulligan is ringworm free and had a clean bill of health. So, now the culprit is a mystery.

But the ringworm didn't stop Ridge from being his fun, happy self. He dug into the popsicles we had made the day before. I think Cobb & Ridge were having a race to the finish!

I think I could have possibly overdone it on Wednesday, and so Thursday morning I woke with the headache & nausea. I decided to push through it, which could have caused yesterday to be worse. Despite not feeling well, fun times were had. Playing cards with Cobb, cuddling withe the ringworm master, and even getting a makeover from my soon to be make-up artist!

(I had to close my lips really tight because a glob of lipstick was being pushed ever so gently between them).

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Sandra D. said...

Haley ... you are such a sweet mom ... especially to so often let Charly make you over - love it!! Sorry that Mr. Ridge had ringworm - ugh! :-(