Tuesday, July 08, 2008

still don't know anything

Many of you have been so sweet to call or email us today to find out if we have any answers. Well, not yet. We are still waiting to hear from Dr. Harper, and we will blog that info as soon as possible after we have it.

I just want to say thank you to all of our friends who have helped us so far and expressed interest in praying or helping. You have truly been the hands and feet of the Lord. The meals have been wonderful, and the help with the kiddos tremendous. Yesterday, I had a much better day with only small doses of nausea, no fatigue and no shortness of breath or lightheadedness! I was able to play quiet games with the kids in the morning, go to a Dr.'s appointment, and hang with the kids in the afternoon. Today, unfortunately, has not been as good of a day. I have been fatigued, lightheaded, and nauseated the majority of the day.

Please praise the Lord for:
1)loving friends and family who have held us up during this time
2)my kids having fun with playdates, last minute summer camp, and other adults
3)that I felt better yesterday

Please pray:
1) that the doctors are able to characterize the mass & come up with a plan for healing.
2) that the doctors will be able to find the source of my symptoms
3)that we would continue to be encouraged, comforted, and calmed by the Lord
4)that God would be glorified


cynthia said...

Haley - so many of us praying that you probably couldn't count us all.

Brandy Butler said...

I know it is frustrating to wait- waiting with you and praying-