Tuesday, July 22, 2008

dinner time

Charly and/or Cobb usually say our dinner time prayer. Tonight Charly started off. She sweetly began by naming everyone at the table, and then thanked God for practically everyone she knows. We were sure that our dinner was cold by the time she said Amen. And then Cobb piped in. His prayers usually begin with "I love. . ." Well, tonight it was, "I love mommy's voice, and I love when daddy plays Indiana Jones with me. Amen"

Usually when we sit down for dinner, Charly looks at her plate and asks, "How can I be done?" So as Rob is explaining the concept of eating to Charly, Cobb makes us laugh once again.

Rob: . . . and after you swallow, the food goes down to here (pointing to stomach). Do you know what this is?

Cobb: I do! It's Na sha.

Rob: Nausea?

Cobb: Yeah, it's kind of like speaking Spanish.


Neal Campbell said...

This is my favorite vicarious "having a kid" experience ever. Thanks for sharing because Cali and I now feel all warm and fuzzy.

Chrys and Mike said...

"How can I be done?"

Oh, thanks for making me laugh aloud this morning!

Oliver and Charly should enjoy every meal together. That is how he operates as well.


lindsay said...

HOW FUNNY! What sweet prayers and joyful hearts!

the bowlin family said...

thanks for sharing that sweet story to make me laugh!! :) Stephanie